Survey Collector

A fully-featured, lightweight and scalable custom survey creation and delivery platform.

Project Description

Microsoft engaged CustomMayd to update and improve the user experience of an internally developed survey builder tool. This tool, called Survey Collector, is used to design and host surveys created by Microsoft employees.

The application was redesigned and rebuilt from the "ground-up". In consultation with the Microsoft analytics team, the database schema was redesigned with data integrity, scalability and suitability for analytics at the forefront. In order to achieve a highly responsive user experience, the client-side of the application was built using Angular and the back-end was built using ASP.NET Core WebAPIs hosted on Azure. The admin experience was secured by Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

  • Skills
    • Design
    • HTML/CSS
    • TypeScript
    • ASP.NET Core WebAPI
    • Azure
    • Azure SQL Server

I have been very impressed with how well these guys execute, not only in education, but in actually doing the work.

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Paul Pardi Content Publishing Manager - Microsoft